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Building Attraction With Women Instantly

Building Attraction With Women Instantly

Now, now, if you’re reading this article, chances are you are looking for ways to maximize and improve your “game” or you got ditched the last minute by some random chic you met online.

building attractionWhatever your reasons are, we all need pointers on how to build attraction with the opposite sex.

However, before you actually get into the “building attraction” part, you’ve got to work on something first: your confidence.

Confidence is the first step in building attraction. Looking good and having washboard abs are not requirements in getting a girl attracted to you.

Women are looking for men with the “alpha male” aura.

You usually hear the term “alpha male” when you tune in to animal planet and watch that show about that pack of lions.

You see those female lions offering themselves to the alpha male lion? That’s the kind of machismo that you would want to achieve. Alpha males are calm, are straight to the point with women, never pushy and most importantly, are always ready to defend their territory.

Exuding that cool manly aura will increase your chances of having a woman attracted to you. Now that you caught her attention, it’s time to show her what you’ve got.

Double check on the basics: no bad breath, no body odor, and no sesame street call alarm in your mobile phone.

When you get near your target, control your eyes. Look her straight in the eyes; never ever feast your eyes on her “assets”. Pick up lines cannot be taught. This is where your personality will come in.

If you’re the jovial kind of guy who likes to make jokes all the time, then try to think of a line that will make her smile. Whether you’re the ruggedly smooth or gentle bad boy type, make sure that the first impression that you give will come out naturally.

The second step of building attraction

Women can sense when men are faking their “swagger”. This actually brings us to the second step of building attraction: Keeping it real.

If the girl rejects your moves, don’t fret all over the place. That’s a direct violation of our “alpha male” rule. Consider getting rejected as a means to get better in the game.

Or if you’re the “never say die” type, then approach her for the second time and see what happens.

If you still get rejected, then get the clue, dude: she wants you out of her space, so move on. Remember, being too pushy will get you nowhere.

On the bright side, if you made her smile or at least get her to react positively to your attempt, then you’re ready for the third step in building attraction: Take it slow. Getting her number is a nice gesture. But don’t go filling up her voicemail the next day.

If you call and she doesn’t pick up, or if you send text messages and she doesn’t reply, don’t feel bad. Let the girl reply to your advances in her most convenient time.

As you might have already figured out, looking good is just 5% of the process. The other 95% in building attraction with women lies in your personality.

Again, be confident, keep it real and take it slow.

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Good luck with building attraction.

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