How To Approach A Girl On The Street, Get Her Number Like Magic!

“If You Don’t Know How To Approach A Girl On The Street, You Are Missing Out On Many Breathtaking Women That Don’t Go Out To Bars And Clubs”

When you know how to approach a girl on the street with success, a whole new world of possibilities open up for to approach a girl on the street

A world that contains many classy, beautiful girls.

You know what I’m talking about…

Those exceptional, quality women you don’t often see in bars or clubs.

Unfortunately most men are are scared shitless to to talk to girls on the street.

And even more important… They don’t even have the slightest idea on how to approach a girl on the street, and get her attracted…

Still, approaching women on the street doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to do. And most of the time the girls are very open and friendly.

It can be very exciting for a woman to be approached on the street by a strange guy. It’s almost like her ultimate fantasy, because women really want to be swept of their feet.

So chances are big that if you learn how to approach a girl on the street, that you will attract many exceptional women!

The downside when you want to talk to a girl on the street, is of course that she could be in a hurry.

She might cut off the conversation very fast, and this can be a bitch if you want to learn how to approach a girl on the street.

By the way, if you prefer approaching women in bars or clubs, click here, but if want to learn how to pick up a girl on the street, keep reading!

I’d Like To Share With You How To Approach A Girl On The Street, Without Getting Rejected!

How To Approach A Girl On The Street: Starting Conversations With Women

You can start a conversation with a woman on the street by stopping her right away. You can do that from the front or from the side.

When you stop her, you also have to stop walking and look her right in the eye. This is powerful technique on how to approach a girl on the street, that commands her attention instantly.

To first get her attention you have to say something like:

  • ‘hi!’, ‘excuse me…’, ‘sorry to interrupt you…’, ‘hey, I have a question for you…’.

Then it is best you show interest in her immediately. Why?

Because it is a bit weird to ask for a woman’s opinion on something in the middle of the street (by the way, thats a very good technique for starting conversations with women in bars & clubs).

You can also ask for directions, but then there is a possibility that she will walk away right after she gives you the directions.

After you have her attention, you can say to her things like:

  • “I just saw you walking and I thought you have a nice energy, so I just wanted to meet you /say hi to you, or else I would kick myself for the rest of the day.”

Afterwards, you can introduce yourself and ask some simple questions, for instances:

  • “How are you?”
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Where do you live?”

Don’t make it too complicated.

She is probably never been approached on the street, so she already likes your confidence and your directness.

How To Approach A Girl On The Street: How do I get her number?

When you are approaching women on the street, what almost never happens to them, women feel instantly attracted to you. So you can just ask her some simple questions to keep the conversation going.

But of course it is good to immediately tease her with something and to use humor mixed with a bit arrogance, for example:

  • ‘What are you doing besides flirting with cute guys on the street?’

By the way, read more tips on how to attract women here.

When you talked to her for a couple of minutes, you can say to her:

  • “I have to go, but let’s continue this conversation another time, because I want to know more about you. Write down your number here / Type your number in my cell phone.”

This way you communicate that you are interested in getting to know her better and that gives her a very good reason to give her number to you, plus she is already attracted to you for just approaching her right on the street.

I hope you noticed, you don’t ask for her number, but just say “Write down your number here / Type your number in my cell phone”. That way, you are not asking for her approval to get her number.

So don’t ask her “Can I get your number?” Just assume that she really wants to give her number to you and that she likes you!

How To Approach A Girl On The Street: Common Responses From Women

As I said, when approaching women on the street, they will probably be friendly and open, most of the time.

But of course there are also women that don’t respond very well or women who are in a hurry. Don’t take those things personal. She hardly even knows you when you just started a conversation.

For example, a common response from girls, that you could get, is:

  • “Oh sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

Don’t freak out when she says that. Just reply with something like:

  • “Ok, I just like to meet people and make new friends. Where are you from by the way?”

This way you just respond like she didn’t even say it, and you switch topics immediately. If you are in a funny mood, you can also reply with things like:

  • “Oh cool, I have a boyfriend too.”

This is fun and playful. You almost can’t go wrong with good a sense of humor, being confident and talkative, when learning how to approach a girl on the street.

Remember when approaching women that some of them are using excuses so they don’t have to talk with you, like:

  • “Sorry, I have a boyfriend”
  • “Sorry, I am very busy.”

Don’t worry, just keep on talking, because she might open up later and still wants to grab a drink with you. So don’t give up immediately, when practicing how to approach a girl on the street.

How To Approach A Girl On The Street: Get Her Number With A Fool Idea

The common responses from women could also come up when she doesn’t want to give you her number, or when she is doubting.

That sometimes happens when you’re just starting out to learn how to pick up a girl on the street. So don’t get frustrated, but instead try the following strategy:

To win more of here trust, use reverse psychology, and say something like:

  • “Don’t worry, I will only call you twenty times a day.”

She will probably laugh and often give you her number anyway. :-)

Now get busy practicing how to approach a girl on the street and remember to be fearless, because no women can really reject you or make you feel inferior without your permission.

Good luck picking up girls on the street!

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Already 2 Comments op “How To Approach A Girl On The Street, Get Her Number Like Magic!”

  • Antoni Georgiev:

    That`s all jolly good and true.. have tried it.
    But what to do when You are just wandering out, walking on the street thinking of your own business, totally not paying attention. Then You notice that a wonderful girl is walking strait at You. Stand strait, look as if You`re really impressed by her ,but looking to the side, not at her. And when she passes by says to You with the most playfull voice: “Hello”.
    I was overwhelmed by that moment, kicking myself ever since(it was 2 hours ago)
    Should said something!


  • Hi Antoni,

    I know what you mean… this can very frustrating

    I’m sure you’re not the only one who’s been in a situation like this ,so don’t beat yourself up to much.

    At least you’d manage to get her attention. Focus on the positive things too! :)

    Coming back to the situation you’re posting about, I would like to advice you the following:

    First of all, keep drawing the attention to you, but also always have a DEFAULT thing to say (and do). For example, the next time a girl approaches you, when you’re not paying attention… you can switch to your default reply if she surprises you.

    This could be something like: “Hello! “You sound spontaneous!” and then you could go into Qualification phase by saying something like: “Who are you?” and use some teasing like “Has anyone ever told you… how beautiful… I AM?” :D

    And definitely take the lead. Women love that…

    You could ie. say: “You know, I’m actually own my way to ‘Starbucks’ / or ‘cafe blabla’, that 2 minutes away from here. You really seem fun,… why don’t you join me for a drink? Come, let’s go!

    Or if you have no time, you could maybe #-close or Facebook-close her because she’s obviously interested in you. Try something like: “Hey, you really sound like a cool girl, but I have to go. Let’s stay in touch. What’s the best way to come in contact with you?”.

    If there’s enough attraction and trust, she might give her phone number, but otherwise she’ll probably you her Facebook, email, etc.

    Good luck and keep attracting those wonderful girls, and just remember that being prepared is half the “battle”! ;)



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