7 Hot Romantic Conversation Starters That Really Work

“Are you ready for the truth about romantic conversation starters?”

There are numerous different romantic conversation starters that are very effective. There is the way of telling a story, sharing memories, finding communalities, talking about Romantic Conversation Startersdreams, passions and desires etc.

In this article I will first give you some romantic conversation starters when approaching a woman and then some starters when being on a date.

But before I start giving you examples of romantic conversation starters, let’s first talk about what ‘romance’ really is. There are a lot of definitions like:

  • Romance is doing something special or unexpected for someone you love.
  • A couple that is showing how they feel about each other in a really pleasant and warm atmosphere.
  • A way of showing someone you care. Someone you love, like or choose to cherish.

I think the point here is that you have to talk about emotions and really trying to connect to her in order to create this romantic atmosphere. This could be through asking her questions or telling her an interesting story.

I think it is really important to get a woman comfortable and relax when bringing up a romantic conversation, like having good body language, strong eye contact, really listening to each other and being in the moment.

Furthermore it is creating a warm, open-minded and relax situation in which she can easily express herself to you and visa versa.

Romantic Opening Lines

Here are some great romantic conversation starters to start a conversation with a woman:

“Hi, I really like your energy, so I had to come over and say ‘hi’.”
“There is something interesting about you and I wanted to find out what that is.”
“Hi, you have a great outlook, so I wanted to meet you.”
“Hey, I need an opinion on something. Do you think it is possible to find romance in a club/bar?”
“Hey, you are cute, so for the next 5 minutes you are my new girlfriend. What is our first adventure?”

When you started a conversation with a woman or you are on a date, there are numerous of ways for bringing up a romantic conversation.

Let’s Discuss 5 Hot Romantic Conversation Starters

Dreams, Passions and Desires

A good way to start a more personal and intimate conversation through use of great romantic conversation starters is to ask about a woman’s dreams, passions and desires. This creates a strong bond between the two of you, because people only tend to share their dreams with people they are close to and they generally love to talk about their passions and dreams.

Here are some examples to use:
“What would you do if you could do one thing for the rest of your life?”
“How do you see yourself in 5 years?”
“If you couldn’t fail, what do want to be?”

Try to ask her about specific details when she tells you about this. When you do this right she will tell you all about it, which gives more meaning and depth into the conversation and a stronger connection.

Trigger Her Imagination

Another one of the romantic conversation starters is to begin a sentence with the word ‘Imagine’

An example is to ask her: “Imagine your ideal vacation spot, what does it look like?”

You can replace the ‘ideal vacation spot’ with other things like her ideal romantic situation, her dream man, erotic fantasies etc.

By the way, don’t try to talk directly about sex with women. Instead do it indirectly like telling her about oil massages, sexy clothes, kissing/stroking/touching her etc.

The key her is to let her think about a lot of pleasant things while not giving it to her yet. This builds massive tension between the two of you.

Sharing Memories

Talking about memories is a way of getting to know someone better really fast. It is also a way of seeing their perspective which brings the two of you closer.

By the way, try to talk about positive memories like birthday parties, vacation spots, music you listened to etc. This way she will associate all the positive emotions to you.

Other ways are to ask her about her most memorable life-changing moments or accomplishments.

Telling a Story

Telling a story is something people automatically do when talking to each other if they feel comfortable.

The key is to make the story fun and interesting by trying to build and release tension, just like telling a story to a kid. This includes describing a lot of details to make it extra vividly.

Finding Communalities

Finding communalities creates a more solid and stronger connection between you and a woman, because both of you will be able to relate to each other better.

It could simply be about playing a musical instrument, sports, favorite movies etc. When you got a communality, there is a whole new conversation opportunity.

Friends and Family

Another one of the romantic conversation starters is talk about friends and family.

This is because for many people friends and family are one of the most important things in life. You can ask her about her best friends and her family members.

Maybe she is very proud of one of her family members, because that person did something very important to her in the past or because he/she is very talented in something. This makes the conversation much more personal and intimate.

Asking Random Questions

One of the other romantic conversation starters is to simply ask her random questions about romance. Here are some examples:

“What is the most romantic thing you ever did for a man?”
“What is the most romantic thing a man has done to you?”
“Are you a romantic person?”
“What is the most romantic place you ever been to?”
“What is the most romantic place you ever made love?”
“How would you describe romance?”

You will notice that the best question are open questions like ‘what’ and ‘how’. Use them on a date and look what’s gets the best response.

Also try to create your own romantic conversations starters, because the more the romantic conversations starters fit your personality, the better they work. Go for it!

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